5 most common problems which affect your computer performance

Most Common issues in computer

Here are few PC problems which slow down performance of laptop/desktop, mostly there are some problems related with this topic but we discuss here few of them. Problems likewise Blue screen of death(BSOD): This is an error screen displayed on the windows screen after fatal system error, Missing DLL file: The problem arises when Dynamic Link Library is missing from the system, Application that won’t install: This happen due to some simple reason like date and time error, storage problem etc., Application Runs slowly: This is caused due to some simple reason like storage problem or simply more than 3 or 4 apps are running on a same computer, Abnormal Application Behavior: this problem occurs due to network attack on the web applications  like virus attack or any server problem. These are the problems which may affect your PC and causes slow performance. You can simply solve them with few easy steps.

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